Blended Spirits Ranch


Our Programs

The Equine Assisted Learning / Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Program

Blended Spirits has developed a structured eight week program that utilizes specifically trained horses, facilitators, teachers and mentors. Using natural horsemanship skills, clients participating in the program are taught how to care for, communicate with and ride horses. As clients learn and develop these skills their interactions are monitored by a trained mentor whose job is to help facilitate and guide the process. Our classes are customized for teaching individuals or working in small groups.

Our services are unique, as we are the only organization concentrated fully on utilizing Equine Assisted Learning / Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAL/EAP) to help at risk youth, families, adults, as well as veterans within Erie County. EAL/EAP is a proven methodology that helps individuals who suffer from emotional, self-esteem and other mentally manifested turmoil. Research has found equine assisted activities provide a number of benefits. Interactions with the horse provide a therapeutic bond for emotionally at risk or challenged individuals. Similarly, the natural horsemanship skills provide physical benefits while also building confidence and self-esteem. To validate that our results are measurable, an experimental pre and post test has been designed and implemented by a clinical psychologist.

Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation Program

Blended Spirits believes in the holistic and natural approach to develop and maintain a healthy horse both physically and mentally. The main objective of our rescue program is to obtain unwanted or neglected horses through contact with animal shelters, veterinarians, boarding facilities, auctions, etc. The rehabilitation program is focused on returning the horse to health and once healthy enough, retraining the horse to enable it to eventually be placed in a caring home. During the horses' rehabilitation time, our clients are directly involved in its care, feeding and recouping. Training is completed solely by adults proficient in natural horsemanship style training. Once trained, the horses are then used directly in our EAL/EAP program until such time as a proper home is found. Each new owner is then introduced and educated on the natural and holistic way of horse keeping. Through this program, Blended Spirits Ranch hopes to also educate the public on a better way of communicating with and caring for equines.