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Equine-Assisted Services

What We Offer


Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy

Blended Spirits Ranch offers the services of our horses, our licensed therapists, and certified EAP facilitators to provide a powerful individual therapy session that allows our clients to work through their trauma. We work with local organizations, and also offer our services to individual therapists, and their clients. We are very excited to announce that we now offer Equilateral Services – EMDR combined with Equine Assisted Therapy!


Equine-Assisted Learning

Blended Spirits Ranch has developed a program for our inner city and residential facility youth. Using therapy horses, we are able to provide a learning experience like no other in Erie County. In a typical year, we are able to provide our services to an average of one hundred youth throughout Erie County. Our program builds self-esteem, gives tools to face the various crises in their lives, and provides coping skills-just to name a few of the outcomes. Most importantly, the program shows the youth what a healthy relationship that is built on trust looks and feels like. The transformation that takes place before our eyes with the youth is not only apparent, but quantitatively measurable.


Veterans Program

This program allows us to work with veterans to provide a controlled environment of self-exploration, where they are safe to discuss and learn new methods of coping with their issues. We are the only facility in Erie County that uses horses to partner with our veterans in a proven method of Equine Assisted psychotherapy. Our distinct program has a measurable success rate, not only with our veterans, but with their families as well. To date, we have assisted over fifty veterans and their families.

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Faith Based Equine-Assisted Learning

We have partnered with various organizations to offer Equine Assisted Therapy combined with Biblical principles to folks in recovery from drugs and alcohol, inner-city youth, and other faith based organizations. This dynamic combination of spiritual exploration with all the benefits of Equine Assisted Learning mentioned above creates a program that truly addresses mind, body, and soul.


Horse Rescue Program

We provide a safe haven for horses who have been abused, neglected, or simply unwanted. Since 2007 we have rescued twelve horses. We believe in a natural horsemanship philosophy and we strive to keep their environment, their diets, and their way of life as close to the horses' natural habitat as possible. We believe in balanced barefoot trims vs. shoes, bitless bridles vs. bits in their mouths, and a herd environment vs. stall enclosures. We happily teach our clients how to communicate with their horse using nonverbal body language. Meeting all of our herd's needs provides us with amazing therapy horses that are very eager for human companionship.

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